Richard Mille and Ferrari present the RM UP-01 Ferrari, the world’s finest watch

Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille and Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari, through their multi-year partnership, recently unveiled a timepiece that combines finesse and exceptional craftsmanship: the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.


It’s not surprising to see Richard Mille breaking the boundaries of watchmaking expertise. Known for its many technical innovations and its use of revolutionary high-tech materials, this expert in ultra-sporty watches likes to combine watchmaking and motor racing.


This unique timepiece, named RM UP-01 Ferrari, dethrones Bvlgari, which until now held the record for the world’s thinnest watch. Indeed, Bvlgari – which had previously dethroned Piaget – unveiled its eighth world record last March, the Octo Finissimo Ultra watch, which is 1.8mm thick.



A true technical feat, this watch takes on a new challenge: that of the ultra-thin, with a case that is 1.75 mm thick. It breaks free from the traditional codes of watchmaking by its shape, its appearance, its size or its trim and finishes. It borrows certain details from the automobile, where we can see a steering wheel and rims as hands and, of course, the Ferrari logo.


© Richard Mille x Ferrari


Its exceptional thinness has been compared to “the size of a Compact Disc” , says Tim Malachard, marketing director of the watchmaker. “A record of finesse never reached in over 20 years. It may be a world record, but that’s not what motivated us here. It is above all a success and a major step forward for Richard Mille. The watch should not be perceived as a Concept Watch but as a piece that retains a traditional watchmaking DNA that can be worn on a daily basis and in all circumstances” .


© Richard Mille x Ferrari


Made from grade 5 titanium, this 1.75mm thick watch weighs only 30 grams, including the bracelet.



All that we have put in place and learned over the last two decades, all our know-how had to be forgotten to arrive at this extraordinary project, the finishing of which required more time than the manufacture of the piece itself. [This was necessary in order to track down the last millimeters of thickness, just like Ferrari, in its perpetual quest for thousandths of a second on the track,” continues Tim Malachard.


Having required 6,000 hours of work, various patents and 50 prototypes, the RM UP-01 Ferrari, limited to 150 pieces, will cost its purchaser nearly 2 million euros.





Featured photo : © Richard Mille x Ferrari


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