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One click and Balenciaga is no longer part of Twitter

One click and Balenciaga is no longer part of Twitter

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After Elon Musk bought Twitter, many brands are leaving the platform. This is the case of Balenciaga, owned by Kering, which closed its account on Monday.


Following the purchase of Twitter by the South African-Canadian-American billionaire, the social network with the blue bird has undergone significant changes that strongly displease some users and brands. Balenciaga, whose artistic director Demna is one of the most politicized designers in the industry, becomes the first luxury player to disappear from the platform.

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The Parisian label decided to leave the social network last Monday, closing its account to its million subscribers. She made the choice to no longer disseminate content, including excerpts from its fashion shows generally as disturbing as spectacular. The press service of the brand confirms its withdrawal, without further comment.


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