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Balenciaga separates from Kanye West

Balenciaga separates from Kanye West

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The French brand turns its back on the American rapper, renamed Ye. Very present on social networks and via the media, Kanye West makes talk about him but not for the right reasons.


It is no longer “Good morning” but good bye that Balenciaga says now to Kanye West. The collaboration seemed to work well after the appearance of Ye at the opening of the last show of the brand during the Paris Fashion Week. But the tricolored label has decided to divorce and does not intend to return on its decision.


After the publication of its third quarter results, the Kering group, which owns Balenciaga, said Friday that it would no longer work with the singer: “Balenciaga no longer has a relationship or future projects related to this artist.

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An announcement that signals the end of the collaboration between the French label and products Yeezy Gap. Marketed under the name Yeezy gap Engineered by Balenciaga, the collection was the extension of the association between the brand of Kanye and Gap, concluded a year earlier.



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