Wines and Spirits: Moët & Chandon and artist Yoon collaborate for innovation and sustainability

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The female artist Yoon and the champagne house Moët & Chandon have unveiled, through a most unique collaboration, the limited edition of the Moët & Chandon imperial bottle. A creation combining the emblematic design of the house and the designer’s artistic touch with lasting values.


A most surprising association since this is the first time the house has collaborated with a female artist. Yoon is therefore the first artist to work on Moët Impériale’s iconic and recognizable bottle. A bottle bearing the values and aesthetics of the house for 152 years: respect for tradition and an innovative spirit.


Yoon holds the position of Creative Director for men’s jewelry at Dior, but is also the founder of her own brand of clothing transformed into jewellery, Ambush.


“We are delighted with this partnership with Yoon because it brings an overwhelming freshness to Moët & Chandon’s age-old heritage, and is in line with our own commitment to preserving nature to ensure a bright future for the next generation,” said Benoit Gouez, Moët & Chandon’s cellar master.


This time, the bottle has a minimalist and contemporary design, without ornaments. The fashion designer initially stamped the bottle with “Design By Ambush” in a very clean, white sans serif font. The labels have been replaced by an embossed white label, which therefore reads almost entirely white and has a deep black neck.


“I kept the label very clean, almost too clean, I wanted it to be pure white,” she said in an interview.


The bottle’s iconic golden neck has been transformed into a deep shade of black that disappears into the near-blackness of the bottle.


Yoon was indeed given carte blanche to redesign the emblematic bottle but was nevertheless inspired by the company’s commitment to biodiversity.


“During my visit to Epernay, I was able to observe the dedication of Moët & Chandon’s employees to nature and their precious terroir. This prompted me to choose the
Word Land Trust to receive the support of the house, so that together we can help preserve other terroirs in the world”.


The collaboration has therefore also focused on its social responsibility: part of the profits from the sale of Moët & Chandon X AMBUSH bottles will be donated to the World Land Trust, a charity that protects endangered natural habitats.


The funds will be donated to the Fundación Jocotoco in Ecuador, to work to stop the destruction of the Canandé Reserve, “the second largest bio-diverse forest in the world”, according to Yoon. “And it is one of the most threatened places at the moment. “




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