Lexus presents its Time installation at Milan Design Week

Japanese luxury carmaker Lexus presents its “Time” installation at Milan Design Week. The exhibition features works inspired by the conceptual LF-ZC model, offering two futuristic experiences by designers Hideki Yoshimoto/Tangent and Marjan van Aubel.


A dialogue between people, technology and time. On the occasion of Milan Design Week, one of the world’s leading design events, luxury automaker Lexus unveiled its “Time” installation on Monday April 15.


Located at Art Point and Art Garden at Superstudio Più, in Milan’s Tortona design district, this captivating exhibition is open to the public until April 21, 2024.


Time showcases software that anticipates users’ needs and constantly adapts to each individual. Aligning this vision with carbon neutrality, Lexus also explores how energy and software can propel innovation in mobility.


“Since its inception, Lexus has consistently challenged the conventions of automotive luxury,” explains Simon Humphries, Chief Branding Officer. “The theme of the “Time” installation stems from our belief that experience and time are inseparable concepts. Time is not something that simply passes, it is the starting point for all special experiences. Lexus cherishes a human-centered philosophy, and we believe that offering people unique experiences in an age when technology will enable cars to anticipate and evolve with the customer, starts with exploring the relationship between people and time itself.”


The installation features works by two designers inspired by the LF-ZC concept model, exploring the possibilities of a next-generation battery-electric vehicle.


Two futuristic experiments


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Featured photo : © Lexus

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