Ictyos – Cuir Marin de France raises 1.4 million euros

Ictyos – Cuir Marin de France has just closed a €1.4 million fundraising round. The Lyon-based company recycles fish skins by transforming them into alternative leathers for the leather goods, watchmaking and shoe industries.


With such initiatives, sustainable fashion has a bright future ahead of it. Ictyos, a company that transforms fish skins from fish farms, the food industry and restaurants into alternative leathers, has announced that it has raised €1.4 million from the investment company Demeter Partners, which specializes in energy and ecological transition, via the Fonds d’Amorçage Industriel Métropolitain (FAIM), and from JBC2.


The fundraising will allow Cuir Marin de France to continue to produce new leathers and finishes each year, to strengthen its team, and to accelerate the industrialization of its production tool. The company hopes to reach an annual capacity of more than 100,000 leathers produced within 2 years.


“Thanks to this fundraising, we plan to invest in research and development in order to improve our production technology, diversify our ranges, increase our production capacity to meet growing demand, as well as in the promotion of our brand to continue to raise awareness of our mission among brands and the public”, said Benjamin Malatrait, president of Cuir Marin de France.



“The eco-responsible process developed by Cuir Marin de France creates a real positive impact within the leather industry. The material innovation carried by the company allows, not only to meet the demanding technical specifications of watchmaking and leather goods, but also constitutes a credible alternative to exotic leathers for which more and more fashion actors are disengaging”, declared Quentin Mulaton, Business Manager at Demeter.


Innovative and sustainable technique


Created in 2018 by 3 co-founders engineers, Ictyos has more than 1000 customers in 40 countries and already markets a wide range of marine leathers (salmon, trout and sturgeon) for the manufacture of watch straps, leather goods bags, shoes…



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