The French Leather Industry unveils its foreign trade results in 2022

Each year, the economic observatory of the National Leather Council (CNC) reveals the statistics of trade between France and its main economic partners. The results show that the sector is in good health.

France consolidates its position as the world’s fourth largest player in the leather industry. The results of foreign trade in 2022 of the French leather industry have just been published by the economic observatory of the National Leather Council (CNC).


Since 2021, the industry has been on the rise and 2022 is no exception. Exports to the rest of the world have experienced last year a growth of 22% to 18 billion euros, an amount multiplied by two since 2015. Imports, meanwhile, have risen from €11 billion in 2021 to €13.6 billion in 2022, an increase of 24%.


“If the French Leather Industry maintains its position as the fourth largest exporter in the world, it is thanks to the determination of an entire ecosystem that shines through its exceptional know-how and its commitment to a more responsible, more sustainable fashion”, said Frank Boehly, President of the National Leather Council.“We are witnessing a real revolution in consumption patterns. In response, the industry has been able to renew itself and adapt to the challenges of our contemporary societies. I would like to highlight the performance of all the players who participate in the prestige of our industry.”


More exports than imports


French exports of the industry represent 6.3% of world exports. They are made up of 67% leather goods, 28% footwear, 3% raw materials and 2% gloves and other clothing.



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The editorial team
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