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GemGenève: The jewelry show impacted by the war in Ukraine

GemGenève: The jewelry show impacted by the war in Ukraine

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After the November 2021 edition and two years of cancellation due to the global pandemic, the jewellery world is back in Geneva. This edition is however affected by the Ukraine-Russia conflict.


At Palexpo, in Switzerland, high jewelry is back in the limelight for a weekend. The GemGenève show, intended for professionals and collectors but also for the curious, was held last weekend.


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For the show, no less than 200 exhibitors gathered for the occasion, sometimes coming from far away, like Susana Grau Batlle, jewelry designer. She came from Washington, excited “GemGenève is an international event, it brings together the best in jewelry. So for me it’s a privilege to be here, I’m very grateful. It’s a magnificent event, everything is very well presented.



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Featured photo : © GemGenève

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