Fondation Hermès: the “Académie des savoir-faire” 2023 program is open for applications until July 4

The Fondation Hermès, which since 2008 has been implementing initiatives to pass on know-how, protect the environment and encourage solidarity, is launching a call for applications for its “Académie des savoir-faire” program, which is dedicated to the exploration of know-how and innovation around a material. The theme of this sixth edition will be “Stone in architecture and furniture”.


The theme of stone is aimed at “craftsmen in the trades related to this material (quarrymen, masons, sculptors, restorers of built heritage, marble workers, plasterers, staffers, hard stone markers, etc.), architects, whether general or specialized (ABF, ACMH, etc.), designers (general or specialized), architects and interior designers, etc. ), designers (generalists or specialists) and engineers specializing in civil engineering or related sectors (materials engineering, research engineering, restoration of built heritage, engineers in technical offices, geology …),” explained the representatives of the Foundation in a statement.


Académie des savoir-faire | Fondation d'entreprise Hermès
Académie des savoir-faire : “La Pierre”, 2022




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Featured photo : © Fondation Hermès


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The editorial team
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