Valmont opens its pop-up store in Milan

Cellular cosmetics expert Valmont has inaugurated its pop-up store, set up from October 9 to 14 in Milan’s mythical Brera district.


When art meets beauty” has been Maison Valmont’s motto for almost twenty years. And for the opening of its pop-up store in Milan’s artistic district, this motto has been applied to the letter. From Monday October 9 to Saturday October 14, the Swiss brand will be offering its loyal customers a host of art-related presentations and activities.


Protecting bees


In addition to presentations of classic products from the Valmont, Elixir des Glaciers and Storie Veneziane brands, customers will be able to discover the Essence des Abeilles range of anti-aging products. What’s special about this collection? All products feature ingredients from the beehive, such as honey, propolis and royal jelly.  



The launch of this range is an opportunity for the Swiss company to reiterate its commitment to the preservation of bees, as part of the proceeds from sales will go to support two non-profit organizations. The first, the Fondation Arche des Abeilles, aims to raise public awareness through the construction of an educational apiary in the city of Geneva and an interactive book aimed at children. The second, BeeLife, is a Belgian NGO that aims to improve the bee environment through biomonitoring.


Customers who have made the trip can enjoy a professional skincare ritual, two facial treatments in “Café Gourmand” format: Hydratation des Bisses and Le Soin Chef D’Oeuvre by L’Elixir des Glaciers.



Art in all its forms

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Front picture : © Unsplash

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