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Nivoda announces $11 million fundraising round led by Headline

Nivoda announces $11 million fundraising round led by Headline

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Online diamond sales platform Nivoda announced last Wednesday that it had raised $11 million with the help of Headline. With such a sum, the company hopes to further develop its platform and create a trusted marketplace for the jewelry industry.


Nivoda, the leading B2B marketplace for diamonds and jewelry, has successfully secured $11 million in funding, led by venture capital firm Headline.


This substantial investment, combined with the recent arrival of James Morgan, an ex-Amazon Prime Europe, as Chief Product Officer, enables Nivoda to enhance the customer experience for retailers, consumers and jewelry suppliers worldwide.


David Sutton, co-founder and managing director of Nivoda, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the shared vision and understanding displayed by Headline. Nivoda’s funding is also backed by leading venture capital firms in the US and UK, including Abstract Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Operator Partners and RiverPark Ventures.


“Headline is very excited about investing in Nivoda. The company has already proven to be an industry leader in helping retailers source natural and lab-grown diamonds, and has the potential to continue to make retailers’ lives easier by serving other categories of the jewelry industry over time. We deeply believe that the corporate buying experience should be as seamless as the consumer’s”, said Taylor Brandt, a Headline investor.


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