Gucci plays on contrasts for its cruise show at the Tate Modern

On Monday, May 13, the most Italian of Houses set its sights on English time. For its first Cruise show at Gucci, Sabato de Sarno chose to present his collection within the walls of the Tate Modern Museum in London.


To build the future of a fashion House, some creators prefer to draw inspiration from the past. Although Gucci is a brand with a deeply Italian identity, the luxury label would certainly not have come into existence without the city of London and the role it played in the life of its founder, Guccio Gucci.


At the age of 16, Guccio left for the English capital with nothing but the clothes on his back and no knowledge of the language of Shakespeare. Nevertheless, he managed to secure a job as a porter at the iconic Savoy Hotel. In this place favored by high society, young Guccio witnessed daily the comings and goings of aristocrats, artists, and businessmen through the establishment.


He learned to observe their style and tastes, particularly in luggage and leather goods. His understanding of the elite would later enable him to conceive iconic pieces that would contribute to the success of the House of Gucci.


A success that Sabato de Sarno, the brand’s creative director and successor to the flamboyant Alessandro Michele, hopes to perpetuate. For his first Cruise collection, the Italian decided to immerse himself in London, much like Guccio Gucci did more than a century before him.


Setting and Distinguished Audience


For one evening, the basement of the Tate Modern became the gathering place for the entire fashion sphere. This former power station, converted into a museum of modern and contemporary art, is known for its understated and industrial architecture. Like a blank canvas, Sabato de Sarno seized this sobriety to transform the space into a lush jungle.



© Gucci



Among the climbing plants, it was possible to catch sight of a high-profile guest list attending the show titled “Gucci Londra“: model Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Moss, actors Andrew Scott, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Paul Mescal, and Demi Moore, as well as pop singer Dua Lipa.



Demi Moore, Debbie Harry, Lila Moss, and her mother Kate Moss at the front row of the Gucci show



Transparency, Minimalism, and Contrast

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Featured Photo: © John Phillips/Getty Images


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