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[The Luxury Journals] Adrien Fourlégnie (Watchfinder & co) : “We have been little affected by the health crisis”

[The Luxury Journals] Adrien Fourlégnie (Watchfinder & co) : “We have been little affected by the health crisis”

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Watchfinder & co was created in 2002 by three friends who had no experience in the watchmaking industry but wanted to take advantage of the emergence of the web to develop a commercial activity. They started by buying a watch which they repaired and resold. In 2010, they opened their first showroom in the City, which attracted all the city’s businessmen thanks to the exceptional models they offered. In 2018, Watchfinder & co, which at the time had around ten outlets in the UK, was bought by the Richemont Group. Since then, the second-hand watch specialist has expanded internationally with the opening of a subsidiary in France, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United States and more recently Italy. Unlimited choices, exceptional models, retail shops around the world and manufacturer certification: Adrien Fourlégnie, head of the French subsidiary since its creation in 2019, explains the keys to the success of the world’s largest luxury watch retailer.


What are the keys to the success of Watchfinder & co and the added value of your marketplace on the watch market ?


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As a pioneer in the second hand market, we have acquired an international reputation thanks to our data, our algorithm and our back office which allow us to constantly update our prices according to the market and stocks. We have also been accredited by most of the major watch brands to repair all parts. These parts, which are called “Certified Pre-Owned” (CPO) watches in international watchmaking jargon, are appraised in-house and are offered with a document attesting to their quality and a two-year guarantee. Watchfinder & co also offers a maximum purchase period of fifteen days. Having established itself as the specialist and undisputed market leader in the UK, the takeover by the Richemont group has obviously given the company an international reputation and a stronger hand. Watchfinder & co currently offers a very wide catalogue of brands with 70 brands and more than 5000 models presented on the website, ranging from €300 to €180,000. Unlike the competition, the timepieces are bought directly and not from a warehouse and we build up our stock thanks to a very large cash flow.





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