JO 2024: The Medals Unveiled by LVMH

A piece of the Eiffel Tower will be embedded in all the medals for the 2024 Olympics, designed by Chaumet. The designs were revealed on February 8th by its parent company LVMH and the “Paris 2024” games committee.


Paris 2024 and its premium partner, LVMH, unveiled this Thursday, February 8th the Olympic and Paralympic medals for the upcoming Games. The House of Chaumet, owned by LVMH since 1999, is the first jeweler in history to design the Olympic medals. The 5084 pieces will be manufactured by the Paris Mint.


Since 1812, Chaumet’s workshop has been located in a former private mansion at 12, Place Vendôme, in the heart of Paris. As part of the Olympic project, only five people gathered there to design the medals in complete discretion. The International Olympic Committee requires creators to include several official symbols such as the victory goddess Athena Nike and the Panathenaic stadium on one side, as well as adhering to criteria such as format or weight of the medals. For the reverse side, however, artists are given free rein to their creativity.


A piece of the Eiffel Tower


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Photo at the Top: ©Paris2024/LVMH

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