Hermès inaugurates its second store in Mumbai

To set up its third Indian outlet, its second in Mumbai, the saddler chose the Jio World Plaza, a booming luxury mall owned by the Reliance Industries group, owned by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani.


To attract the Indian eye, in a country where color is king, it’s important to make a splash. And to appeal to a people with a strong nationalist sensibility, it’s a good idea to pay tribute to the local craftsmanship of excellence and the powerful film industry.


These elements were not lost on Hermès, which played these cards to the hilt for its third store on the Asian peninsula and second in Mumbai.


The latter was inaugurated on April 25 on the second floor of Jio World Plaza, a fast-growing luxury mall belonging to the Reliance Industries group.


Hermès, which began experimenting with the Indian market as early as 2008 (six years after Louis Vuitton, the pioneer of French luxury in the country), had taken its first steps in New Delhi, the capital, with a space in the Oberoi hotel, then in the DLF Emporio shopping mall before moving to another mall, The Chanakya.

First store in Mumbai in 2011

The saddler had also opened its first store in Mumbai’s historic city center back in 2011, in the Bharat Insurance Building. At the time, it caused a sensation by opening a store on the street, at a time when Western luxury was still confined to hotels. Further proof of his audacity, he not only sold his bags and scarves, but also limited edition saris at 6,000 euros!


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Featured Photo: © Hermès

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