[Luxus Magazine] Valmont presents LumiCity, its latest skincare product for a luminous, protected complexion

Valmont completes its Luminosity range with a skincare product dedicated to skin protection. The Swiss cosmetics brand draws on its expertise in cellular cosmetics to create five formulations that filter the sun’s rays while stimulating radiance.


With its Luminosity range, skincare expert Valmont promises a radiant and glowing complexion. Designed for active women living in urban environments, the Luminosity ritual is a valuable ally for maintaining healthy skin every day. Unveiled last February, the LumiCity treatment is the latest innovation from Valmont laboratories to complement its beauty routine and protect against sun-induced aggressions.


As the primary cause of skin aging, sun exposure must be controlled and accompanied by adequate protection against UV rays. These rays penetrate the epidermis deeply and trigger the formation of free radicals, molecules capable of damaging collagen and elastin fibers. The skin then begins to lose its firmness, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, using sunscreen is essential to minimize damage.


This necessity is not lost on Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont: “The young professionals of today are increasingly aware of the importance of daily sun protection, especially those living in cities. That’s why sun care products are now an integral part of the beauty routines of this generation. And it’s precisely for them, city dwellers in search of greenery and fresh air, that we have envisioned the latest addition to our Luminosity range: LumiCity, a concentrated Swiss natural treatment that combines UV protection with radiance-boosting ingredients to enjoy city life beautifully.


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