Cannes Film Festival: three Saint Laurent Productions films selected

Barely a year after its creation, Saint Laurent Productions intends to shine at the 74th Cannes Film Festival, with the selection of three films produced in-house by David Cronenberg, Paolo Sorrentino and Jacques Audiard. Together with Lvmh, Kering, the parent company of Yves Saint-Laurent, is increasingly committed to leveraging the soft power of cinema and audiovisual productions…


Saint Laurent Productions is stepping up a gear at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.


After a first short and a medium-length film already selected in 2023, the year of its launch, the film production company is moving up to three feature films in 2024.


Strange Way of Life by Pedro Almodovar, 2023 ©  El Deseo Production/Saint Laurent Productions


Already last year, Saint Laurent Productions enjoyed high visibility at the 73rd Cannes Film Festival, with the selection of its first two productions. These were by two illustrious directors: Pedro Almodovar’s medium-format “Strange Way of Life”, and the unfinished short opus “Drôles de Guerres” (“Phony Wars” in the international version) by Jean-Louis Godard, the iconic filmmaker of the Nouvelle Vague, who had died a few months earlier.


The crème de la crème of filmmakers


In 2024, for the selection of the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, presided over by director Greta Gerwig, from May 14 to 25, the production company continues to treat itself to the crème de la crème of filmmakers, and switches to long format.


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Featured Photo: Parthénope © Pathé Films/Saint Laurent Productions

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