Balenciaga unveils its new campaign with Nicole Kidman

Balenciaga unveils its new campaign featuring actress Nicole Kidman and the Rodeo bag.


Between Balenciaga and actress Nicole Kidman, it’s a love story that has lasted. A close friend of the House for several years, the Australian actress has been chosen to appear in its latest campaign. The Hollywood star agrees to share the spotlight with the Rodeo bag, Balenciaga’s new model unveiled last February. 





Captured by the famous photographer Mario Sorrenti, the campaign showcases Nicole Kidman, dressed in a white suit ensemble with her Rodeo bag worn over her shoulder. The lines of the bag reinterpret the codes of the carry-all that one takes everywhere. 





In other shots, Chinese actress and singer Yang Chaoyue and American model Amelia Gray also lend their features to this campaign, which emphasizes individuality and self-expression. 

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Featured Photo : © Balenciaga

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