Coty signs a collection of prestige perfumes

Another step for Coty. After the announcement of a potential second listing on the stock exchange, the perfume and cosmetics group announced to expand its perfume offering. He presented a line of prestige, named Infiniment Coty Paris, his most ambitious project ever imagined.


Specialized in perfumes and cosmetics, the Coty group has a large portfolio of licenses such as Gucci, Chloé, Bottega Veneta and many others. He is always aiming higher and today launches a unique and ambitious perfume line.


Called Infiniment Coty, the collection will include a range of 14 fragrances, which will be distributed worldwide from 2024. A first juice is currently being designed, while patent filings have been made for formulation and packaging.


Infiniment Coty Paris is a creation that marks a natural progression for the company, merging beauty, science and art,” said Sue Nabi, Coty’s CEO.


This “ambitious and high-end project to date” was unveiled at a gala held at Villa Botanica in Grasse in the south of France.




This development towards the top of the Coty range is also observed in the skin care category, notably with the strengthening of the Orveda cosmetics line.


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Featured photo : © Chloé


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The editorial team
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