Chanel reunites with Jean-Pierre Jeunet for its new Chance fragrance campaign

Chanel reunites with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, fifteen years after his film for N°5 “Train de Nuit” starring Audrey Tautou. This time, the Frenchman behind the cult feature Amélie Poulain directs the fourth video campaign for the Chance range, in a colorful, mischievous world inspired by the funfair.


Chanel once again recruits French film director and screenwriter Jean-Pierre Jeunet for its fourth video spot for its Chance fragrance range and the promotion of the Eau Fraîche and the genuine star of the advert campaign Eau Tendre, both launched in the end of the 2000s.


After inspirations linked to bowling (2015), dance auditions (2019) and hand-holding (2023) for his predecessor Jean-Paul Goude, it’s time for fancy fair for Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Not the strawberry-flavored delicacy sung by French singer Alain Souchon in his song “Le Baiser”, but the joyous, tangy setting of a carefree, nostalgic childhood, that of the funfair and its attractions of all kinds.


An enchanted, light-hearted interlude, the ideal counterpoint to a geopolitically and economically turbulent period.


A festive, mischievous bonbon


Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the brilliant director behind such delightfully sepia-toned cinematic escapes as Delicatessen (1991), Amélie (2001) and A Very Long Engagement (2004), has chosen the fairground as the setting for his new short film for Chanel.

This time it’s not a question of N°5 as in 2009 with Audrey Tautou, but of Chance.


“4 young women, 4 fragrances, 4 ways to seize your Chance” , summarizes the press release.


In this 30-second film, four young girls try their hand at tests of strength, dexterity, concentration and chance, with one mission: to collect all the Chanel Chance opuses, spread across the various timeless attractions of these festive open-air itinerant gatherings. Now, “united by lightness and daring, [they] provoke luck with glee and carefreeness.”

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Featured Photo: © Chanel

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