Hennessy inaugurates a high-end customization workshop

The undisputed leader in cognac, Hennessy, is to inaugurate a high-end personalization workshop to offer its customers a unique experience. In this exclusive space, visitors will be able to embellish their bottles with precious materials and engrave their initials. At the same time, Hennessy is launching new formats and an oak wood case for its decanters, accessible to a wider public.


Hennessy, the undisputed leader in the world of cognac, is opening the doors of its new high-end workshop, “L’Atelier ma carafe”, from May 24, 2024. This initiative is part of the growing trend towards luxury wine tourism, to offer a unique experience to spirits lovers.


Located in the rue des Cordeliers, in the heart of the Cognac township, this workshop was fitted out in 2016 and was previously only accessible during Heritage Days or LVMH Group Special Days. It will now be open to the public all year round.


The workshop showcases the meticulous work of Hennessy artisans, who specialize in embellishing crystal bottles with precious materials such as silk, leather and rare wood.



For 200 euros per person, visitors are invited to take part in a 90-minute immersive session. The experience begins with a guided tour of the rare editions workshop, followed by a hands-on activity where each participant can personalize a 5cl mignonette of Hennessy Paradis.


An unforgettable experience


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Featured photo : © Hennessy

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