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Chanel celebrates the holiday season

Chanel celebrates the holiday season

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The holiday season has been underway for a while now and Chanel is no exception to the celebrations. Between lunar experience, video game and tribute to emblematic perfumes, the luxury House dares and sees things in big.


This year, the French House is signing this festive season in a special way, with a collection that puts stars in our eyes. As sparkling as those tiny planets, the new makeup line De la Terre à la Lune is a perfect match for the spirit of the year-end celebrations. From shimmering eyeshadows, face powders, opaque lipsticks to body oils and a shower gel…Imagined by Chanel’s makeup design studio, the collection has more than enough products. Between well-being and beauty, this set of cosmic cosmetics will bring a touch of radiance to winter and festive looks.


To stay in the space universe, Chanel is thinking big. And for the end of 2022, the label has decided to venture into the pixelated world of video games by launching its first mobile game, Chanel Moon Walk.


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