Byrne: the watchmaker revolutionizing the dial

Byrne is a young watch brand created by its eponymous founder, John Byrne. It stands out in the watch market for its revolutionary innovation: a changing dial. A watch with four different dials: that’s the crazy challenge the Swiss Maison has set itself. Claire Cohen, the label’s president, talks to Luxus Magazine, revealing Byrne’s philosophy behind its original models. Interview.

How would you describe the unique style of Byrne watches?


Byrne Watch is not just a watch manufacturer, it’s a philosophy, rather linked to a past that revolves around a passion: the restoration of antique watches. This is what the company’s eponymous creator, John Byrne, has been developing over the past 20 years. He has seen the world’s finest watches, owned them, restored them, and finally put them back in the hands of their owners.


John has always had the desire to create his own model, and behind Byrne is the idea of a very pure watch, both in terms of design and functionality. So there’s the idea of this ultra-legible watch, with no date and no complications.


We liken Byrne’s philosophy to the proverb “Change your mind in a flash”. In other words, a new watch every day, or “1 watch, 4 faces”. Four different dials in a single timepiece, with Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, ghost numerals and a secret number for the customer to choose.


Gyro Dial watch model © Byrne Watch


Byrne’s philosophy is reflected in the limited-edition Indo-Arab model. Here, it brings together several civilizations: the Hindu world, Arabic numerals and Roman numerals with Christianity, or any other symbols or precious stones, as the complication (Gyro Dial) has been sized for this. This is the first time a model like this has seen the light of day. In addition to being atypical, our watches are customizable, and therefore unique.

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Front cover photo: © Byrne Watches

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