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Brussels Motor Show: mixed results

Brussels Motor Show: mixed results

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The 100th edition of the Brussels Motor Show attracted more than 265,000 people in nine days on the Brussels expo site. A “complete success” according to the organizers, but the opinion is more mixed for the visitors. Here is a look back at nine days under the sign of the automobile.


The Brussels Motor Show opened its doors on January 14, before closing them yesterday at 7 p.m., much to the dismay of car enthusiasts. After a two-year absence, it is back in force and, for Febiac (the Belgian and Luxembourg Federation of Automobile and Cycle Industries), which organizes the event, the bet has been kept. Nevertheless, the target of 300,000 visitors was not reached.  Nevertheless, the show remains the most important indoor event in Belgium. “We welcomed about 30,000 people per day,” says Gabriel Goffoy, Febiac’s director.


Jeep Avenger named Car of the year


This anniversary edition brought together 95% of the Belgian car market, in a smaller area than in previous years. Among the highlights were fifteen world and European premieres and, for the first time at the Brussels Motor Show, the election of the European Car of the Year took place.


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The Jeep Avenger SUV was named “car of the year”. This annual competition, which has been held since 1964, rewards the best car on sale in Europe. Several criteria are taken into account, such as comfort, safety, economy, environmental performance, road behaviour, functionality, driving pleasure, technical innovation and value for money.



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