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Motor Show: hydrogen-powered cars star on the catwalk

Motor Show: hydrogen-powered cars star on the catwalk

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The Motor Show starts this Monday with a focus on hydrogen-powered cars.  Focus on these new, ambitious and innovative models.


While a fuel crisis affects the capital, the Motor Show opens its doors after an absence of four years. Connoisseurs and professionals of the sector discover all the models of tomorrow. Between shortage, sharp increase of fuel and pollution, hydrogen is one of the solutions of tomorrow.


Many innovations are taking place in this field. Among the new models presented, the French market dominates and signs the cars of tomorrow or the future.


The mythical Alpine from Renault is brought up to date, in a hydrogen version, nicknamed Alpenglow. Its engine emits very little water vapor and its futuristic design makes it look like something out of a science fiction movie or cartoon.


There’s also Hopium, a sleek, luxurious sedan with no doors that Batman could quickly adopt as his new batmobile. It opens automatically when approached and runs on a fuel cell.

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