Breitling takes over one of its former rivals, Universal Genève

By taking over the Universal Genève watchmaking company from its current Hong Kong owner, the Stelux Group, Breitling aims to awaken a sleeping beauty.


Breitling has just announced the purchase of the luxury watch brand Universal Genève from its current owner, the Stelux Group, a vast conglomerate active in finance, watchmaking (also owner of the Cyma and Solvi & Titus brands, other Swiss manufactures) and optics, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.


Stelux itself had acquired Universal Genève in 1989, when “the quartz crisis had considerably challenged the company, marking a turning point in its trajectory“, explains Breitling in a press release.


Iconic models


Founded in 1894, Universal Genève “made its mark in the first half of the 20th century with innovative designs and technical prowess“.


Among its iconic models were the Cabriolet reversible, an innovative jewelry timepiece for men, launched in the 1920s; its Compax chronographs with manufacture movements and the legendary Tri-Compax complete calendar, launched on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in the 1940s… Its 1950s were marked by the triumph of the Polerouter watch, designed to withstand all climates, and the launch of the revolutionary self-winding movement, christened “Microtor”.


In 1966, Universal Genève also presented the world’s flattest automatic movement, integrated into the Golden Shadow model.


A prestigious heritage that the Stelux Group “carefully nurtured“, explains Breitling in its press release.


Sleeping beauty


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Featured Photo:  © Universal Genève


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