Automobile: Ferrari, target of a cyber attack

The Italian carmaker revealed that it was the target of a virtual attack, targeting the confidential data of some of its customers around the world.


Ransomware, cyberattack and hackers? This is not a police series but a real situation that Ferrari has to face. In a press release, the company declared, yesterday evening, that it had recently received a ransom demand concerning some of its customers’ details.


The facts? Hackers would have had access to some data of Ferrari customers such as names, email addresses or phone numbers. However, no banking data were revealed or stolen. Let’s remember that the Italian carmaker’s clientele is rather wealthy and that this hacking is not without consequences for the company and its image.


A Ferrari spokesman said that “nothing has been disclosed on the Internet for the moment”, before adding “we are following the situation very closely“.


The sports car manufacturer said that “as a matter of principle” it would not accept to pay a ransom “as the payment of such demands would finance criminal activities and allow threat actors to perpetuate their attacks“.


Upon receiving this virtual assault, the company “launched an investigation in cooperation with a leading international cybersecurity firm” and “informed the relevant authorities.”


To reassure customers and keep them informed of the situation, the boss Benedetto Vigna sent them a letter.


To be continued…


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The editorial team
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