American Express: new Centurion Lounge at Atlanta airport

The 28th Centurion Lounge has opened at Atlanta airport, showcasing American culture and the surrounding vegetation.


On February 14th, American Express inaugurated a new Centurion lounge in the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta, USA. True to its reputation, the new lounge’s area (2,415 square meters) is the largest in the entire Centurion network.


Located in terminal E, the exclusive lounge of Atlanta airport follows the global philosophy of the group which seeks to integrate elements of local culture and aesthetics into its decors. A botanical ambiance emanates, in line with the nickname of Georgia’s capital, “the city in the forest”. At the center of the main lounge stands a 50-year-old olive tree. This new lounge is the only one where travelers will benefit from several terraces.


Terraces ©American Express


American Express called upon local artists to decorate this new space, such as Lucha Rodríguez who delivered a reinterpretation of American Express’s symbolic guard dog, Michi Meko and his large-scale multimedia work, or Evan Blackwell Helgeson whose 18-meter-long mural extends from the dining room to the outdoor terrace.


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Cover Photo: ©American Express Company

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