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YSL Beauty launches a new wave of NFTs

YSL Beauty launches a new wave of NFTs

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Yves Saint Laurent beauty dives back into the metaverse and NFTs by launching a new Web3 campaign. Its first chapter gives access to exclusive benefits, the second follows a solidarity and commitment approach.


The new campaign called Black Opium, The Night is Ours was launched today. It is divided into two chapters.


Chapter 1: one perfume purchased = one NFT offered


The first, which pays tribute to the year of creation of the Black Opium fragrance, will be composed of 2014 NFTs YSL Beauty Blocks. They will be available in two editions, including a very rare one, co-created with members of the YSL beauty community.


Available in limited quantities (2014 copies), this NBFT will be granted for the purchase of a bottle of the Black Opium range from the online store in France, the UK, the US and Australia. Buyers will receive a newsletter, inviting them to download the YSL beauty wallet and will be able to directly pick up one of the precious NFTs, in its original or very rare version.

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This latest installment of the YSL Beauty Blocks collection both brings a new audience to the WEB3, true to our promise of making this new usage more accessible, and tests the potential of NFTs within an online shopping experience,” said Diane Hecquet, Digital and Marketing Director at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.


It was designed in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson, the brand’s marketing communications agency partner on Web3 operations.



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