The Carlton Hotel in Cannes reopens its luxurious doors

A long and expected renovation, for a result that is at the appointment. This morning, the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, owned by the IHG Hotels & Resorts group, reopened its doors to the public at 58 Boulevard de la Croisette.


The Carlton de Cannes, this magnificent and immense hotel also called La grande dame, finally opens its doors after two and a half years of closure and seven years of renovation work. The work will have cost nearly 350 million euros. A huge and unprecedented project for the establishment dating from more than a century, which had never undertaken such work since its inauguration.


A great icon of the Riviera for 100 years, the Carlton is the first luxury hotel to open its doors in Cannes. Known for hosting movie stars, presidents and other celebrities, it has become a singular and renowned establishment, which accumulates many secrets and anecdotes.


From the outside, nothing seems to have changed. And yet, the facades have all been renovated and even enlarged. And what’s new after this major renovation is that the hotel has two new wings, which measure 20 000 square meters and house 37 new luxury suites. It also has a new and very (very) large infinity pool and terraces.



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Featured photo : © Carlton Cannes


Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere is a young journalist. She has a passion for fashion and culture, and has recently discovered an interest in cars. Her playful writing is characterized by a rich lexicon and a direct and spontaneous tone. Her precise glossary eliminates uncertainty.

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