Shiseido launches its innovative beauty venture capital fund

The Japanese beauty giant has launched a new investment fund that will target start-ups in its own sector and that of wellness.


LIFT stands for Long Term Investments for the Future: a fitting name to boost the beauty sector!


And it’s the name Shiseido has chosen for its new venture capital fund. The limited liability company created for the occasion will be a vehicle for investing in innovative start-ups in the beauty and well-being sector.


“The creation of LIFT Ventures represents a new opportunity to partner with organizations focused on creating innovative beauty and wellness solutions, as well as to benefit from greater understanding and access to Shiseido’s growth ambitions. LIFT Ventures represents a welcome opportunity to develop knowledge, create value and, ultimately, achieve significant progress for all,” emphasized Masahiko Uotani, Shiseido’s CEO.


Two initial investments


Lift will invest in “new technologies, innovative platforms, high-growth brands and new business models, among others“. It will “focus primarily on compelling innovation in the Western Hemisphere, while maintaining a global perspective“.


But while Lift, based in New York and headed by Ron Gee, President and CEO of Shiseido Americas, will initially target the Americas, it will not be limited to them.

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Featured Photo: © Shiseido

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