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Rosé wine : Moët-Hennessy takes over the Minuty estate

Rosé wine : Moët-Hennessy takes over the Minuty estate

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The Wines and Spirits branch of LVMH announced on Wednesday 15 February that it has acquired a majority stake in the capital of the Minuty estate, the star of Provence rosé wines. It further strengthens the group’s presence in this type of wine, which is becoming increasingly popular internationally.


LVMH, this giant that never stops growing. Moët-Hennessy, the wine and spirits branch of the group headed by Bernard Arnault, announced in a press release on Wednesday 15 February the purchase of the Minuty estate. This producer and exporter of rosé wines is one of the 18 classified growths of the Côtes de Provence, with nearly 9 million bottles sold each year, of which more than 50% are sold internationally.


Château Minuty is located in Gassin on the Saint-Tropez peninsula. Owned by the Matton-Farnet family, the estate experienced considerable growth in the 1960s before expanding in France and internationally thanks to the brothers Jean-Etienne and François Matton. Thanks to effective marketing and a broadening of its range of wines, it has seen an annual increase in turnover of 10 to 15% over the last fifteen years.

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The two parties did not disclose the amount of the sale. During the Wine Paris trade show, which brings together most of the major Provençal estates and which ended on February 15, rumors were circulating. Some market players mentioned a range of 300 to 400 million euros.


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Featured photo : © Domaine Minuty

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