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Rebag introduces Clair AI, the first image recognition technology for luxury bags

Rebag introduces Clair AI, the first image recognition technology for luxury bags

The benchmark in luxury resale Rebag unveils the first image recognition technology for luxury resale, named Clair AI.


New York-based luxury handbag buying and resale platform Rebag announced the launch of Clair AI, an image recognition software that will enable consumers to instantly determine the value of their luxury handbags.


The Clair AI image recognition technology is an extension of Clair, the company’s exclusive pricing tool, and is designed to recognize more than 50 luxury bag brands and 15,000 Clair codes.


The new software determines the origin of the bags based on machine learning, using nearly six years of data and millions of image references collected by the Rebag retailer.


“Now anyone can scan and access the resale value of a handbag instantly, without any prior knowledge of the industry. With Clair AI, we continue our promise to always offer total transparency and simplicity to retailers,” said Charles Gorra, Rebag founder and CEO.


To do so, customers will need to download the Rebag application from an iOS or Android device, or directly from the retailer’s site. They will then just have to scan the handbag in question, on a plain background, with their phone’s camera, and Clair AI will take care of the rest.


In just a few seconds, the software will analyze the brand, model, and style of the bag, and generate the price Rebag is willing to pay for that item today, facilitating an important step in the process of selling luxury handbags.


Clair AI will forever transform the luxury resale industry,” said Charles Gorra.


In addition, Clair AI technology is not limited to handbags found in users’ closets, but also allows users to scan virtual representations of a handbag from a TV or phone screen, and it is even possible to scan the pages of a magazine or advertisement to find out the price of a coveted bag.


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Once the quote is received, customers interested in the displayed price can instantly generate a shipping label needed to send the product by mail, free of charge. The delivery time is 2 to 3 business days, after which users automatically receive the amount predicted by Clair AI technology.


The Clair AI software can generate up to five handbag predictions, ranked according to the highest probability, and users can then select the one that corresponds to their bag. Currently, the tool can recognize more than 15,000 existing references and identify them with 91% accuracy, and this figure is continually improving because Clair AI technology is based on artificial intelligence.


Evaluation of Clair AI is free and does not prevent users from buying or selling the estimated handbags elsewhere than at Rebag. The Clair AI software is available on Rebag iOS and Android Apps, as well as on on cell phones and desktop computers, as of February 3, 2021.




Featured Photo : © Rebag

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