The Design 2020 Contest : Gainerie 91 launches the People’s Choice Award

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A leader in the manufacture of cases and displays for the greatest wine and spirits, watch and jewellery brands since 1967, Gainerie 91, which has been at the initiative of the The Design by Gainerie 91 Contest for the past six years, is launching the 2020 Design Contest Public Prize.


For the 7th edition of The Design by Gainerie 91 Contest organized by Gainerie 91 , whose theme is “Sustainable Luxury”, the students’ mission is to create innovative luxury packaging, by magnifying eco-responsible materials. The best projects are destined to be manufactured and then marketed by Gainerie 91.


Le voyageur © Gainerie 91


This year, the Gainerie 91 teams, in partnership with the digital communication agency Bulle Rouge, have set up a brand new online platform where the selected projects are listed among several hundred applications received.


Among the 82 projects still in the running, stands out for example “Le voyageur” worn by Lola Bodeur and Clémence Filipetti, an eco-responsible toiletry kit designed for a luxury house offering cosmetic products without packaging. A case made of vegetable leather, with metal fasteners and plastic and glass containers.


Floral © Gainerie 91


But also “Floral“, the project conceived by Mathilde Finidori, who is rethinking the usefulness of packaging for a floral fragrance. The eco-responsible materials used diffuse the heart note of the packaged perfume. The packaging becomes an extension of the olfactory and visual universe of the product it contains.


In this way, the platform promotes the work of young designers and puts forward Gainerie 91’s anchoring in a dynamic of innovation and respect for the environment. For the first time in the history of the competition, the public will be able to vote for the project they wish to reward. This prize is in addition to the 3 others (gold, silver and bronze) which will be awarded by the professional jury.


At the end of the competition, the winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive a Smart writing set Moleskine or a check for 300 euros.


Visit the platform to vote until August 31. As for the award ceremony, it will be held on October 8 at the Jardins du Pont Neuf in Paris.





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