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Prada launches its first collection of 100% recycled gold jewelry

Prada launches its first collection of 100% recycled gold jewelry

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Prada has successfully entered the world of jewelry with its first ethical collection in 100% recycled gold.


This Wednesday, October 12, Prada officially enters the luxurious world of jewelry. The first pieces of its collection are on display in Milan. And this, in the very first boutique that the label had opened in the Italian city, in the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery (since transformed into a Marchesi café). Prada jewelry is also available online and in all Prada stores.


In Milan, about thirty pieces, out of a total of forty-eight, are displayed in this boutique-lounge, all in designer furniture and beige and almond green carpeting. This very first collection of Prada has an evocative name Eternal Gold. On the wall, the campaign by photographer David Sims features actress and singer Maya Hawke, poet Amanda Gorman and singer Somi Jeon. A sleek and sophisticated black and white campaign that perfectly represents the collection’s airy and radical aesthetic.


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