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Marriott International: more than 35 new luxury hotels by 2023

Marriott International: more than 35 new luxury hotels by 2023

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Marriott International yesterday announced plans to introduce a good 30 luxury hotels around the world in 2023, offering unique experiences. From Kenya to Singapore, Japan to Mexico, these new properties will be located in emerging and desirable tourist destinations.


With nearly 500 luxury hotels and resorts in 68 countries and territories, Marriott International is looking to further strengthen its position as the world’s leading luxury hotel company.  New properties are still in the pipeline.

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The world has seen a real change with the pandemic. It was then necessary to bounce back and find new solutions to re-engage a clientele that had sometimes lost the appeal of travel and luxury after the periods of containment. But things have since changed: “More than ever, our guests are prioritizing more meaningful travel and time with loved ones, seeking experiences that reflect their personal values and enhance their overall quality of life,” said Tina Edmundson, global head of brand and marketing at Marriott International.


The different divisions of the Marriott group


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