[Luxus+ Magazine] Thalazur : heading for the epigenetic cure !

New. Thalazur, the leading thalassotherapy group in France, has been offering six-day cures based on epigenetics since the beginning of 2022. A scientific discipline that makes it possible to improve our genetic destiny by changing our bad habits. A challenge within our reach ?


Epigenetics, did you say ?


The genetic heritage inherited from our parents does not alone determine our health. Scientific studies prove that it is expressed differently depending on our environment and our lifestyle. This is what is known as epigenetics, highlighted by Joël de Rosnay in his book “The symphony of life”.




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Featured photo : © Thalazur Arcachon


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Corine Moriou
Corine Moriou was a senior reporter for the L'Express group for 15 years. Today, she works as a freelance journalist. Her favorite subjects are society, culture, travel and well-being. Never blasé, always ready!

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