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Luxury : These must-have augmented reality tools on Snapchat

Luxury : These must-have augmented reality tools on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in the world. With millions of daily users, it continues to reinvent itself as time and trends change. Originally known for its filters and ephemeral messages, the platform is now developing new technologies for luxury brands that appeal to consumers. Between information and entertainment, the application with the ghost logo is one of the best-selling and most innovative.


Snapchat used to be known for its short format – ten seconds -, its filters such as the dog filter or the best friends function. But with over 600 million monthly active users worldwide, Snapchat has reinvented itself to offer new features to its users as well as luxury brands. Want to change your hair colour or try out some new products from the latest Dior collection? No problem, with augmented reality, Snapchat allows you to see yourself as a blonde, brunette, redhead or even test all sorts of fashion accessories.


In France, the application has 27 million users, including 19 million daily. The age group most affected is the 15-24 year olds. But as surprising as it may seem, the average age of a French snapchat user is…35.


According to the application’s French director, Grégory Gazagne, the ephemeral nature of the application is very attractive to young people. They can express themselves spontaneously and more freely, compared to other platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok.


According to Grégory Gazagne, people often confuse the platform with the yellow logo with a social network, “whereas it is a visual messaging application”. It is precisely this concept of sharing with friends in a private way that makes it successful. Users can express themselves differently through messages, videos, filters and also augmented reality.


For a few years now, the application has been focusing on this functionality. It started with filters as a basic use, then augmented reality became more fun. According to Geoffrey Perez, Snapchat’s head of luxury, it is necessary to “build on the real world to create engaging and immersive experiences. Today, more than 250 million users use filters, and therefore make use of virtual reality”.


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Innovative features


After filters and the Snapchat Discovery feature that delivers real-time information, Snapchat is creating new technologies for consumers, as well as brands.


At a recent event with premium and beauty brands, it unveiled its innovative features in a bid to improve the shopping experience and attract more and more brands.



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