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LUXE PACK in Green 2022: the winners

LUXE PACK in Green 2022: the winners

Luxe Pack Monaco, a pioneer in the presentation of sustainable packaging, was held from October 3 to 5. The show notably unveiled the winners of the Luxe Pack in Green 2022 award.


Luxe Pack has long understood that sustainability and environmental preservation are among the main concerns of consumers.


This is why, for the past 13 years, Luxe Pack in Green has been highlighting and rewarding the best sustainable packaging innovations and responsible initiatives presented at the show. The event aims to become the global “barometer” of eco-responsible packaging trends for luxury brands.


During this 14th edition, many exhibitors were in the running. The jury was composed of six experts in the field, including Hélène Villecroze, eco-design manager at Chanel Parfums, Sandrine Sommer, CSR and SD director at Must Hennessy, and Candice Colin, CEO of Cliff Laboratories.


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