Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh unveils today his men’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection


The new Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer collection for men, designed by the artistic director of the men’s branch of the house, Virgil Abloh, will be unveiled this Thursday 24 June at 2.30pm.


For this collection, Virgil Abloh tried to rework the basics of fashion. Far from being classic, this collection brings together a new feminised version of formal wear and rave outfits.


A mix of chess, kung fu and gender


Between jackets made from a patchwork of flyers, others cut with pointed shoulders accompanied by belts pierced with colourful pinhooks and blue tracksuits with leather details; Abloh may surprise many when discovering this new collection.


I’m always working in polar opposites and I’m always interacting with the formality of Louis Vuitton and the contemporaneity of today’s youth culture – almost like a generation discovering luxury again, and I’m the conduit” , the designer told WWD while filming his collection.




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Featured photo : © Louis Vuitton


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The editorial team
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