Louis Vuitton takes us on a journey through its 2022 Cruise collection

Louis Vuitton‘s Cruise 2022 collection was unveiled on Tuesday 15 June. The digital show took place on the red bridge of the Axe majeur, located in Cergy-Pontoise, in the Paris suburbs.


Apart from the Fashion Weeks, another fashion show called Cruise is a third opportunity for fashion and haute-couture enthusiasts to see the new collections of luxury houses. They are aptly named because, about 100 years ago, they were intended for wealthy clients who travelled during the year to escape the winter by cruise. Having disappeared for a while, they only reappeared in the early 2000s, and have now become the third most important haute-couture fashion show.


Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, has accustomed us to spectacular locations for his Cruise collections, such as the Niteroi Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro or the Miho Museum carved into a mountain near Kyoto. This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, he is taking us on a trip an hour from Paris, to the town of Cergy-Pontoise.


I had this place in mind for a very long time. I knew it without ever having been there! There is something prodigious in its design and its physiognomy, with this red footbridge that would reach all the way to Paris and draws an incredible perspective. This place is aesthetically in line with Rio and Kyoto where the previous Cruise collections took place” , he explains.


The Louis Vuitton 2022 Cruise Collection was thus able to parade on the Axe Majeur, a monumental work designed by Israeli sculptor and visual artist Dani Karavan. According to Nicolas Ghesquière, the 3.2 km long Axe Majeur “takes any walk into fantastic reverie”. He explained this choice by saying that “these are architectures of reconciliation where water, light, wind, sand, concrete, stone, steel… create a happy relationship between space, nature and time”. As a lover of contemporary architecture, this choice is not as surprising as it may seem.


The Louis Vuitton Croisière 2022 Collection is a tribute to loose-fitting clothing. From balloon dresses to sportswear jackets or suits, most of the pieces that were presented had one thing in common: they were loose and airy. However, there were two particular features that stood out. Louis Vuitton was not discreet, as the models could be seen on parade, dressed in red, blue or even green, and also accompanied by boots, some as different as others. “The silhouettes progress proudly, positively. They walk straight ahead, serene. They are in perfect harmony in this environment, so close and so far, without borders, open to adventure” , finally says Nicolas Ghesquière.




Featured photo : © Louis Vuitton


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