Les Places d’Or Design & Luxury Hotel: the new BtoB trade show for hotel and restaurant decision-makers

The first edition of the Places d’Or Design & Luxury Hotel will take place over three days, from November 20 to 22, 2023 in Paris, in the salons of the Hôtel Le Meurice, from 2pm to 10pm. This Luxus Plus event partnered is aimed at suppliers to the luxury hotel and catering industries.


This year, the organizers of the Places d’Or Design & Luxury Packaging are launching a new trade show dedicated to suppliers to luxury hotels and restaurants.


It will offer the opportunity to meet some thirty exhibitors representing no fewer than thirteen sectors – including Christofle, Taschen, Legrand and Gainerie 91 – which play a predominant role in creating an exceptional customer experience.


Participants will be able to discover the Suite Ephémère, built by architect and decorator Fabrice Ausset, which will project them into 2030.


According to the show’s director, 8,000 guests and 300 visitors a day are expected to attend the new-style Places D’Or.


A new trade show from a recognized player in the BtoB event industry


Les Places d’Or (Golden Seats) has been organizing trade shows dedicated to the luxury and design sectors for 30 years. This unique event concept enables principals to discover a selection of exceptional suppliers in a convivial setting.


Until now, Les Places d’Or has been an exclusive showcase for the latest trends and creations in perfumery, whether in crystal, glass, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal or textiles.

The 20th edition took place over three days at the Hotel Meurice at the end of September. The 2022 edition attracted nearly 3,000 visitors from the world of luxury, including representatives of the most prestigious brands,


On the strength of Les Places d’Or’s proven track record with packaging professionals, a new trade show has been launched, this time for hospitality professionals.


The event will take place from November 20 to 22, 2023 in the heart of Paris, once again in the prestigious Hotel Meurice.


This new annual event will enable some thirty exceptional Maisons, suppliers to the restaurant, hotel and tourism industries (tableware, household linen, hospitality products, etc.) to present their latest innovations and know-how to decision-makers in the sector.


Les Places d’Or Design & Luxury Hotel is aimed at all professionals in the hospitality value chain, from architects and decorators to hotel managers, purchasing directors, marketing directors, housekeepers, yachting professionals and spa directors.


Nicolas Zaoui, Director of the Places d’Or trade show, explains that “visitors [to the show] are selected from the teams of 4- and 5-star hotels, palaces, gourmet restaurants, architects and decorators, all of whom are involved in supplier selection and purchasing decisions.”


Les Places d’Or Design & Luxury Hotels is thus an opportunity to meet decision-makers with an international profile, from France as well as Europe, the United States and the Middle East, in a single venue.


“To develop Les Places d’Or, we could have duplicated our first Design & Luxury Packaging concept internationally. But for the latter, we were approached by high-end suppliers to the luxury hotel industry, who said they couldn’t find what they were looking for in the major B-to-B trade shows in the decoration and hotel sectors.” He adds, “They were even considering self-organizing a more exclusive event tailored to their profile. So we stepped into the niche.”


Visitors to the show will be able to find top-flight solutions and innovations designed to bring their establishments to life and take them to the next level…


Architect-decorator Fabrice Ausset has a major surprise in store for visitors: an 80m² structure called La Suite Ephémère. In his words, it will “project visitors into a 2030s suite that will not be dominated by tech and robots, but will instead be poetic and human.”


As for exhibitors, the Places d’Or Design & Luxury Hotel offers them an opportunity to showcase their expertise, strengthen their positioning with principals and specifiers and, above all, establish themselves as partners in the sublimation of the customer experience.


Expert panel and world synergies in sight


This first edition of Places D’Or Design & Luxury Hotel will welcome some thirty exhibitors from thirteen sectors.

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Featured Photo : © Les Places D’Or/Hotel Meurice

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