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Hotels: the Marriott group has accelerated its growth in 2022

Hotels: the Marriott group has accelerated its growth in 2022

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Marriott, the world’s leading hotel company, continued to grow in 2022 with numerous hotel openings and major projects.


Since the acquisition of its competitor Strarwood in 2016, Marriott Group’s offering has been at the top of the podium with some 8,300 hotels worldwide and millions and a half rooms. By comparison, Accor, one of its direct competitors, has over 5,200 hotels and a total capacity of 762,000 rooms.


Marriott is thus taking a leading position in the luxury hotel industry, which it is confirming year after year. In 2022, it will achieve a net growth of 3.1% in the number of rooms, with the opening of 394 hotels.


Among the branches that make Marriott the No. 1 hotel company is the luxury segment, which the group dominates with its 500 hotels and resorts, compared with 300 for Accor and IHG. The Ritz-Carlton New York, the Madrid EDITION and the W Costa Navarino in Greece are among the latest resorts opened by the American group. And it should consolidate the lead in its luxury hotel offering with a record of some 40 agreements signed in 2022.

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A collective dynamism


The group’s momentum is based on several elements such as the diversification of its brand portfolio, numerous commitments to innovation and the strength of the Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program, which gives access to numerous benefits.



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