CRAVAN and Hennessy unveil their bottled cocktail featuring cognac

In collaboration with Hennessy, the cocktail house CRAVAN offers a revamped version of the Boulevardier in a bottle.


Mixology enthusiasts will be delighted by this news. Following its range of bottled cocktails, the CRAVAN House launches The Boulevardier.


A reimagined recipe of the famous Negroni, the CRAVAN version of The Boulevardier highlights cognac. To develop this latest creation traditionally made with bourbon, the mixology institution partnered with the iconic spirits House Hennessy.Franck Audoux, founder and artistic director of CRAVAN, and the Master Blender at Hennessy, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, worked together on this project. The result of this dialogue between enthusiasts: two versions of the same cocktail, each with its own seductive subtleties.


The first variation is made with Hennessy X.O cognac and is characterized by its aromatic richness. A true tasting cocktail, it highlights the orange and cocoa notes of cognac, enhanced by the combination with a wine-based aperitif created by CRAVAN.


The second proposition, crafted with Hennessy Very Special, will appeal to enthusiasts of refreshing drinks with floral accents.


With The Boulevardier, CRAVAN continues to redefine cocktail standards. The House has already demonstrated its mastery of various spirits such as tequila, gin, and even whisky by offering bottled creations—respectively named Mina, Negroni, and Archi. It now tackles the complexity of cognac.


Both versions of The Boulevardier are available on the menu at the CRAVAN House bar.



CRAVAN’s latest creation showcases the flavors of Hennessy cognac © CRAVAN



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