Gucci launches digital suit project in collaboration with digital artisan

Italian luxury fashion house Gucci is once again moving into the metaverse by creating a line of digital suits dedicated to NFT owners.


To this end, the Italian fashion house has teamed up with Tokyo-based digital artisan Wagmi-San, creator of the 10KTF virtual shop, to launch the “10KTF Gucci Grail” project, a new digital experience for the Vault brand, the Gucci virtual space.


The experience features the digital avatar of Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, visiting the digital craftsman in his virtual shop in New Tokyo, the digital version of Japan’s capital. At the end of the meeting, Michele hands over a crystal ball that is supposed to embody the future of the 10KTF Gucci Grail project.



This crystal ball is actually a pass reserved for 5,000 lucky people, who are required to meet several conditions. It is necessary to be a member of the Gucci Vault community on the social network Discord, to be a New Tokyo “inhabitant” of 10KFT, to have a Profile for Picture (PFP) or an NFT avatar representing its owner in the metaverse.


As soon as these conditions are met, it is then possible to discover the digital costumes imagined by Michele revealed and to personalise one’s NFT by choosing one of the two looks, inspired by his two recent collections, Aria and Love Parade.



GUCCI 创意总监Alessandro Michele 携手10KTF 创作数码企划「 Gucci Grail 」再创虚拟时尚高峰。 - Iconicmen
© Gucci


This initiative from the Italian fashion house is not at all surprising if we look at its previous projects on the metaverse. Indeed, it has already set up several virtual projects such as the creation of a virtual boutique, the sale of some of its digital luxury products or the creation of NFT mascots in partnership with Superplastic. This has enabled it to create a loyal virtual community, especially among young people.





Featured photo : © Gucci


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