Givenchy names actress Nanao Arai its first Japanese ambassador

Since its regional representation strategy initiated in 2017, the LVMH group’s fashion house had never before chosen a Japanese actress to embody its image in the Land of the Rising Sun.


A sign of the winds of diversity blowing through the luxury industry, more and more luxury brands are opting for ambassadors who are far removed from the Western beauty canon, representing their key markets right down to the glossy page.


A choice by the artistic director


Givenchy has just appointed Nanao Arai as its brand ambassador in Japan. This is the first time that the fashion house has chosen a Japanese actress.


The 34-year-old has appeared in numerous dramas – Asian TV series – and films, including Hell’s Garden and ‘Ninja Ni Kekkon Wa Muzukashii’. The latter is a soap opera telling the story of two ninjas from a rival clan, married but each unaware of the other’s identity.


According to the brand’s press release, this choice, initiated by the brand’s current artistic director, was based on the actress’s personality, elegance and strength, which resonate with the spirit of the brand.


“I greatly admire Nanao for her professional versatility as well as her energy and personal style. She will be the perfect ambassador for Japan and I look forward to working with her,” said Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy’s creative director, who succeeded Riccardo Tisci in June 2020.


In turn, the ambassador thanked the House for this unprecedented choice: “I am very honoured to be named ambassador of Givenchy in Japan. Givenchy is a timeless brand that elevates me as a woman and as an actress. I look forward to collaborating with the House on my personal expressions of elegance, which I consider to be a very important and key theme, whether I’m in front of the camera or not”.


Photographer Leslie Kee, a close friend of Nanao, captured the actress’ elegance and strength in black and white in her first official portrait for Givenchy.



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Featured photo : © Givenchy


Victor Gosselin
Victor Gosselin
Victor Gosselin is a journalist specializing in luxury, HR, tech, retail, and editorial consulting. A graduate of EIML Paris, he has been working in the luxury industry for 9 years. Fond of fashion, Asia, history, and long format, this ex-Welcome To The Jungle and Time To Disrupt likes to analyze the news from a sociological and cultural angle.

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