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Dior: Jimin of the Korean group BTS becomes the new brand ambassador

Dior: Jimin of the Korean group BTS becomes the new brand ambassador

Dior announced on Monday that Jimin, one of the members of the South Korean K-pop group BTS, has become one of the brand’s new ambassadors.


After concert halls, military service and fashion shows, it’s time for advertising campaigns. Jimin, one of the singers and dancers of the world-famous South Korean group BTS, has just been introduced as the new face of the new Dior Homme collection.



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The house is thrilled to unveil its new global ambassador, JIMIN of BTS,” the French label announced on social media, enough to send the singer’s fans, the ARMYs, into a panic.



Jimin joins BlackPink’s Kim Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun in Dior’s stable of muses. Before this official announcement, speculations had already started, after the BTS member appeared in the Dior Summer 2023 collection for W Korea magazine.


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It’s not insignificant that Jimin was chosen as the muse. Known for his sense of style, at the forefront of fashion, he is one of the most photogenic idols of the moment. And while the South Korean population is the largest consumer of luxury goods in the world according to the recent study of the American bank Morgan Stanley, the singers of music groups in this country are very popular with fashion brands. In fact, we saw the hysteria triggered by the presence of Kim Taehyung, another singer of BTS, at the Celine fashion show in Paris.


Jimin became the first member of BTS to be a solo brand ambassador. But according to another announcement this morning, one of his colleagues and friend, Suga, also a member of BTS, has also been appointed as a brand ambassador for Valentino.



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