Ferrari prepares its first ultra-high-end electric car

Ferrari is set to revolutionize its offering with the launch of its first ultra-high-end electric car. This iconic model, scheduled for late 2025, marks a strategic turning point for the Italian automaker, famous for its powerful gasoline engines.


Ferrari’s 100% electric drive to 2035 has begun. The legendary Italian carmaker is set to mark a new era with the launch of its first electric car.


The vehicle, scheduled for late 2025, represents a strategic turning point for the brand, known for its powerful gasoline engines and iconic sports cars.


According to a source close to the matter, the starting price of this new electric Ferrari will be at least 500,000 euros (around $535,000). This price does not include customization options, which can add 15-20% to the base price. For comparison, the average price of a Ferrari, including options, was around 350,000 euros in the first quarter of 2024.


“There is a growing demand for Ferraris and they have the opportunity to meet some of that demand without compromising exclusivity,” said Fabio Caldato, portfolio manager at AcomeA SGR, pointing to the growing interest of wealthy customers, particularly in India and the Middle East.


Second electric model under development


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Featured photo : © Ferrari

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