Ferrari to post record net profit of over €1 billion in 2023

The iconic luxury carmaker has unveiled exceptional results for 2023, with a record net profit. This performance was underpinned by a significant increase in sales and higher deliveries of sports cars worldwide. Investor confidence was reflected in Ferrari’s market valuation, which approached the $100 billion mark.


Ferrari has announced exceptional results for the year 2023, with record net profit breaking the historic billion-euro barrier. The figures unveiled by the group show a 34% increase in net profit, reaching 1.25 billion euros.


Sales also followed a positive trajectory, up 17.2% to 5.9 billion euros, in line with forecasts. This remarkable performance was underpinned by the delivery of 13,663 cars worldwide, an increase of 3.3%.


After an excellent third quarter, the Italian automaker maintained its momentum with a 33% increase in net profit to 294 million euros in the fourth quarter, surpassing the expectations of Factset analysts.


“The record results for 2023, the ambitions we have for 2024 and the exceptional visibility of our order book enable us to aim with increased confidence at the high end of our targets for 2026,” said Benedetto Vigna, the group’s CEO.


Competitiveness bonus for outstanding performance


Europe-Middle East-Africa remains Ferrari’s most important market in 2023, with deliveries of 6,063 vehicles, an increase of 1.8%. Deliveries also rose significantly by 10.6% on the American continent. However, the China-Hong Kong-Taiwan region saw a decline of 4%.


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Featured photo : ©Ferrari

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