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Fashion and cartoons: a colorful marriage

Fashion and cartoons: a colorful marriage

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For some time now, references to cartoons and anime have been proliferating on social networks and in advertising campaigns. And the big fashion houses take Barbie, Astro Boy or even mangas, to feed creations and collections that everyone wants.


MSCHF, “do not follow us” and yet …


Since a few days, a pair of boots with cartoonish looks and unusual proportions invades our screens. The brand MSCHF has aimed right with this latest creation, to say the least … questionable. These disproportionate red boots are inspired by the cartoon Astroboy and the outfit of its main character, imagined by Osama Tezuka in 1952.


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This particular aesthetic attracts all eyes. The pair named Big Red Boots is well named. Looking like rain boots, these funny shoes that make giant feet are selling like hotcakes and are sold at a golden price. Will they become the new crocs or Birkenstock? Under oversized jeans or with tight pants, they still look good. But is $350 really worth it?


Loewe, the House of all possibilities


Like the MSCHF label, the House of Loewe, headed by Jonathan Anderson, knows how to make a statement. The Irish designer has understood everything about IN and never knows OUT. After the XXL shoes, as if inflatable, inspired by the world of Barbie of the last spring-summer collection, it is the turn of Japanese cartoons to inspire the label. This is the third time the company has collaborated with the Japanese animation studio Ghibli. After Chihiro’s Journey and My Neighbor Totoro, J. Anderson reaffirms her admiration for this Japanese universe with a new collection of bold and colorful pieces. Bags, clothes, accessories, including small leather goods, are decorated by the drawings of the genius Hayao Miyazaki. The characters of the film are immobilized by the prints and make the collection a bit childlike and dreamlike. Exit the paper, hello leather and cotton.



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